What is the True Nature of Your Cyber Risk?

What is the True Nature of Your Cyber Risk?

You may ask what am I trying to protect here in my business? This comes down to what your IT really means to your business.

A lot of businesses don’t realise how technical they are and if they can’t operate, staff can’t enter the building because swipe access is connected to the internet, they can’t log in to their computers, and a whole lot of other what-ifs.

How long can your business function for? That is when you have a real ‘coming to reality check’ moment and that is when you will wish you had done something about it.”

Many businesses don’t realise how “tech-heavy” they truly are until it is put to them in no uncertain terms.  By focusing on your business’s risk, the impact technology has on your business, and the future direction of your business in relation to technology, then cyber insurance becomes easier to understand and a priority.

Basically it is a return on investment from many cyber controls.  These controls are important and a part of your technology risk management.  A lot of businesses like things they can touch and it is hard for them when looking at controls to work out which are the most appropriate for their business, which ones are the most cost-effective and which ones can be managed.

Logically, cyber insurance will form a large chunk of that pool of control around the network and the people that work in your business.

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