Established by Managing Director Merlin McCloy in 2006, M2M Risk & Insurance takes great pride in delivering a high quality & consistent standard of service to all of our clients. We begin our service by conducting a comprehensive review of your business, enabling us to understand exactly what services, assets and products you have, and what products or services you provide to your clients. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your business, meaning if we wouldn’t utilise the cover ourselves, we will not recommend it to you.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of our dedicated team and senior industry professionals, we are able to deliver the best possible business solutions to our diverse range of clients. Our extensive experience in insurance, risk management, technical advice and claims management allows us to develop and implement levels of coverage that meet our client’s specific risk management goals on time and on budget. In the event a claim is made against your business, we endeavour to minimise all interruptions to your operations.

We want our clients to have complete peace of mind in building freedom, branding, strength and a solid reputation for their business. Too often, insurance policies are reduced to cost and a sales proposition when they should be recognised as a binding legal documents. You get what you pay form, and at M2M, our focus is on helping our clients navigate this complex industry, to enable them to understand their policies & coverage, and develop a total risk management, cover and cost solution for their needs.

A fundamental ethos of our business is our commitment to the sustainability and wellbeing of our communities, with a close affiliation to Red Cross, homelessness & health, both directly and through the Cure 4 Cystic Fibrosis (Cure4CF) Foundation.

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Our Staff

Merlin McCloy

Executive Director

Merlin founded the firm back in 2006 and is at the leading edge of information and communication regarding business, risk management and insurance. Merlin has been working in the insurance industry for a delightful number of years, her passion for insurance never ceases to amaze people. M2M focuses on providing quality insurance advice and business solutions to businesses around Australia. Merlin’s dedication to business has seen her hold positions on a number of boards.
Merlin has interests in Solar, Renewable Energy and Information Technology, Not for Profits and Business in general.


Compliance & Administration

Kylee has been working in the insurance industry for almost 2 decades.  With her wealth of experience in the industry she ensures the business continues to run smoothly.

Kass Sparks

Service Team Leader

Kass appreciates our clients often need immediate attention with changes to policies and placement of cover. Her team are there to ensure our clients receive personalised attention. That the documentation they need to run their business is readily available.

Tony Lewis

Financial Controller

Tony specialises in working with clients and their business interruption calculations. He understands the important of accounting accuracy and works daily with business in the area of future planning and their financial strategy.
Tony is our Chief Future Officer. With 35 years’ experience as an Accountant both in banking and private enterprise, Tony has a passion for numbers and making sure businesses are heading in the right direction.

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